Call for Opinions: Complex Data Integration

With support from the National Science Foundation, the American Institute of Biological Sciences (AIBS) will host a meeting in March 2015 with the goal to: identify technical barriers and problems with integrating large complex data sets (from genotypes to phenotypes to ecosystems and to macrosystems) that could address the "grand challenges" in science.

The outcome of the meeting will be a workshop report that identifies: 

  • major research questions that could be addressed by integrating complex data sets, 
  • barriers and technical problems and their causes related to integrating data,
  • suggestions for addressing the barriers and technical problems, and 
  • next steps for continuing to address the barriers and to otherwise achieve better data integration.

As meeting co-chairs, we would like to obtain opinions from across the spectrum of science related to this meeting and its goal.  Please take a few moments to add your responses to the questions below.  It would be most helpful if you would identify yourself when typing your comments.  All of the comments will be presented and discussed as part of the meeting.

Thank you for your time.


Corinna Gries
University of Wisconsin

Robert Gropp
American Institute of Biological Sciences

Paula Mabee
University of South Dakota

For additional information about complex data and integration see:

Frontiers in Ecology and the Environment, Volume 12, Issue 1 
February 2014) 

Genotype to Phenotype (A report of the Phenomics workshop sponsored by 
he USDA and NSF, 2011) 

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